Gran Tulum

$305,157 USD



Great Tulum is your gravitational center, a space that allows you to caress The sun, the moon and the stars.

Your day begins with a wonderful realization: you’re in Tulum, a magical town whose natural scenery recreates a piece of paradise.

Over the Coba avenue, on the road that ap-proaches the sea, there’s a place that welcomes you to paradise: that place is Tulum 101, a gated community designed to honor the jungle. We call it the gateway to paradise: the sea view can be enjoyed from any point because of the unobstructed views from the rooms.
The construction guidelines were designed to harmonize with the environment.

This complex will contain amenities located on a walk inspired by Mayan mysticism and its concept of life.
It will start at -3.5m below earth level, the underworld and land of Xibalbá, with a SPA to relax the senses and connect with the deepest of the existence of man.
The journey continues at -2.5 m with the ‘’ Center for Creativity and Experimental Art ’’, followed by a beautiful space for Children and Pets’’.

At -1.8 meters the curvature of the earth will be used to create.
At level 0.0, that is, on the ground plane, you can work in the physical body, the Fitness ’Fitness Challenge’ ’, as we have called it.
The road does not end there, we go hand in hand with the Maya towards the stars, to paradise.
With 3.5 mtrs high, we will be in the treetops enjoying the view and life as if we were birds. You can enjoy fruit trees at your fingertips along with a ‘’ Local cuisine pavilion ’’.
We will finish this tour in paradise, at a height of 7 meters with a space for art exhibitions that will be accompanied by a spectacular viewpoint to the jungle and the sea.


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