$325,000 USD


We invite you to know this experience called “KAAM”. Luxury boutique style apartments consisting of a total of 9 apartments. Located in the down-town area of Tulum (Mystical lands), full of culture, customs and tradition. Discover the nature of TULUM AND KAAM, with a value in its meaning “Fortress” that honors the heritage that remains through time forever in the culture of TULUM. Just 2 minutes from Alchemy & Ancestral Cuisine, Elixyr. One of the currently iconic places in downtown Tulum.

K ́A ́AM, a space where you can find the fun and avant-garde of Tulum, located in an important place, the center of the city. Where nightlife is the star of the Mayan scene. His stance on the bohemian and charm that is lived in Tulum. Tulum and K ́A ́AM become oneself. The magical nights of downtown Tulum and its
urroundings fill your stay with passion. In its modern environment you will be able to feel a free and independent spirit, strong like K ́A ́AM. Fall in love with the blue color that overflows the sea of Tulum. Find activities such as cenote divirng, ecotourism, gastronomy, fishing, ATV’s, among others.


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