Mar y Miel

$456,330 USD


In the Exodus, the long promised land is described as “the land flowing with milk and honey”.
Its location in Tulum and the fusion with its heavenly concept, have created “Mar y Miel”.

Welcome to an exclusive concept where the Caribbean will be your scenario. Here you will be part of a unique environment highlighted
by its outstanding design and unrivaled elegance. Live in a setting Heaven on Earth that takes pride on beauty and nature, all within a space
that provides you with amplitude and freedom.

“Mar y Miel” is located in Tulum, Quintana Roo, México.
Enjoy outings to natural and archaeological sites such as Coba, the Kaan Luum lagoon and the Sian Ka’an natural reserve.
Discover an ample culinary offer and feel welcomed into a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere anywhere you go.

Aldea Zamá is a large ecotourism project that portrays contemporary life in the Mayan Riviera. Surrounded by an astonishing natural area,
this community offers quality infrastructure, accessibility and exceptional facilities such as a shopping area, cinema, pet friendly integration
zone and organic shopping stands to support local businesses and art.

Welcome to the Caribbean
A place to live is a place to get inspired. “Mar y Miel” has designed remarkable spaces that fulfill every expectation and go beyond traditional
architecture to cater every need.


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